Dot and Cross is a document that streamlines the planning process for you. While all of my clients receive the document, you can also get it if you don't book one of my packages! Dot your "i's" and cross your "t's"! 

The document includes the following:

1. Questions to ask vendors before and after you hire them (and questions they will likely ask you too!)

2. Resources to help find vendors in your area

3 .Realistic budgets (30K+, 50K+, 70K+) - See how that number gets big REAL fast!

4. Planning Timeline for your day

5. Tips, Tricks for Saving Money, and "Event Lingo" 

6. Rentals- what to order and how many of each item

7. How much should things cost? Get a real idea here. 

*If you are not a client, this document is $300*

photo: Clane Gessel

photo: Clane Gessel