Best decision I ever made? Marrying my husband. Second best decision? Hiring Lara for full wedding planning and design! In retrospect, it was a no brainer. We interviewed many planners and we could tell that Lara’s experience was a good fit for our desire to have a guest-centered, fun and “effortlessly” elegant wedding. In choosing a wedding planner, sometimes some people are a little more “planner” and others are a little more “designer.” Lara is the best of both worlds! With her eye for design and business savvy, we not only stayed within budget, but we optimized our spending to have the most gorgeous celebration that I could have ever dreamed of! It was beyond magical. (Background: I’m a surgeon and my husband is a techie. I would describe both of us as busy people who like a deal and pay attention to detail.)

She quickly got a sense of our preferences and working style. Throughout the process, if a snap decision had to be made, we trusted Lara to do it and we were always happy with the outcome. With Lara’s help, we did not waste any budget on frivolous design details. She involved us through the vendor selection process and really took our budget to heart. She was great at giving us an honest opinion when we asked for it. You can trust her to recommend only vendors with the best reputations and that you will get your money’s worth. She is detail oriented, organized, and has fantastic style. I literally could let her decide everything, and it turned out perfectly. 

Lara’s organization and coordination of logistics were on point. She is a consummate professional and yet so warm and approachable. Our nearly 200 family and friends were so impressed with the way that the experience was individually personalized for each of them. Credit to Lara for her creativity and making that possible. I didn’t for a second worry about the big day. All I had to think about on my wedding day was what a wonderful, incredible experience it was to be with my loved ones and that I got to say I do to my husband. I am so grateful to Lara that I didn’t have to think about the schedule, logistics, vendors, event space regulations, headcounts, or even the weather etc. I remember my friends remarking how relaxed and happy I looked. My best advice to someone who is busy, but wants a personalized wedding experience and to stay on a budget (if only for the principle of it all): hire Lara for full service wedding planning and design. Wedding planning CAN be stress free and fun if you have Lara at the helm of your team! If you are wondering if it’s worth it, let me tell you that I’ve already done the math many times over, and hiring an experienced wedding planner/designer, like Lara, will actually save you money and prevent you from making costly mistakes. I am so happy to have met Lara. I consider her a wonderful friend and feel incredibly honored to be able to give my highest recommendation for her services.