Lara is a godsend and is exactly who you want behind the scenes at your wedding - Calm, intelligent, confident, detail oriented and not overbearing. Lara helped me one month out with my wedding on Memorial Day weekend at the St Francis Yacht Club. In hindsight, I wish we had spent the money to hire her earlier on instead of doing heavy lifting on our own. She has exceptional judgement and helped create our wedding – not a cookie cutter template, or a way to give money to preferred vendors. Actually she saved us money on wine, vendors and more.  From her masterful google doc with 18+ tabs to keep us organized, to the hour by hour planner which was sent to all the key members of the wedding party so they/we knew where to go, to pro tips on colors and last minute details we had forgotten she made our event seamless.  Most importantly, my mom, husband and I enjoyed our wedding and did not have to manage any problems the day of the event because of Lara. She went to the venue early, coordinated with all the vendors and left us free to do what we wanted – enjoy ourselves! Also it turns out that my husband would have forgotten the rings if Lara had not gone through a last minute check list with him. LOL! Thank you Lara. I would recommend you to family, friends and hopefully my own children in the future.